Two whole years

This weekend we celebrated two years of trading . I’m not sure where the last two years have gone, but they’ve absolutely flown by.

Our first ever event was the Hay-on-Wye Thursday market. It took a little convincing to be allowed to have a wood fired pizza trailer at the market, but eventually we got our foot in the door.

Pretending like I knew what I was doing, (although I don’t think I fooled anyone), I set up ready for the lunchtime rush. I was so nervous. I’d cooked for friends and family on many occasions but never for a paying customer. Eventually the crowds started queueing and before I knew it, the stampede was over and I’d sold out.

The market in Hay turned out to be just too far to travel on a weekly basis, but I really enjoyed my few months there. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy a piece of Alex Gooch focaccia for breakfast?

Everybody at the market was so helpful (especially Terrance the antique seller). and I was grateful to the market organisers for giving me my first chance.

Back at this time I was managing to get days off work to be able to sell pizzas at markets. To have made the decision to quit my old job and put myself 100% into Flour’d Up was the best decision I ever made.

I couldn’t have dreamt that we’d be where we are in just two years. To everyone who’s supported me and to those of you who’ve chipped in with help when I’ve needed it, I’m really grateful.

Here’s to the next two years…….

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