Working holiday

We recently spent a very long weekend in Italy. Obviously for research purposes only!!

We spent a few nights in Rome and one in Naples. We saw the sights but mainly we ate all things bread and pizza!

Rome, the home to the pizza Roman. Rectangular pizzas that can be bought by the slice and are the very definition of fast food.

After an early start to see St Peter’s Basilica, we headed to Bonci. It’s not on the tourist trail but it’s well worth the walk and the queue when you get there.

Another must on the food map is Antico Forno Roscioli. It’s in the trendy Campo de fiori. They sell amazing breads and cakes.Its one of the busiest eateries in town and you can see why! Roma was just a warm up to the main event and Naples. The home of pizza and a must for anybody who loves good food.

We had a little over 24 hours to try as much pizza as possible. Our first stop was Concenttina ai Tre Santi. It’s again off the beaten track, but well worth it. Grab a stool and a can of Peroni from the fridge and watch the pizzaiolas in action. We also swung by Sorbillo’s but have to say that our trip to what is an institution in this area, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michelle was the absolute winner. You have the option of two pizzas, the marinara and margherita. They’re huge and unbelievable value. There’s no frills, it’s just great pizza and that’s what it should be about!

And that was us done, full bellies and full of new ideas for the year ahead.

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